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Monday, 6 February 2017

Blair Appalled His Recent #HelpfulInterventions Have All Failed Miserably

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is appalled at the recent EU referendum decision in the UK; as well as his failed attempts to prevent Corbyn becoming leader, and his recent defence of Owen Smith.
A rather flustered press conference has given him an opportunity to say where people in the UK are going wrong:

“Now listen. Some there be who’d say my track record on successful interventions is rather far from shoddy by any means!
“I mean, let’s look at it like this, there isn’t any real need for me to talk in detail about how I peacefully liberated the whole of Iraq, assisted with David Cameron’s dethroning of Gaddafi, and held the self-styled Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s feet to the fire by calling for ground troops against Daesh.
“But my intervention in the EU referendum seems to have taken a peculiar turn. Not one person can ever say with a clear conscience that my intervention in Iraq did half as much harm as reactionary pacifists are claiming.
“And I simply have no conception of why my instructions to vote against Jeremy Corbyn were so poorly received. What could possibly account for this? If you don’t want to listen to me now, you ought not to have voted for me in the first place. Look at all I have done for you. I’ve liberated the Middle East, stopped the Serbians from committing genocide, oh and don’t forget Sierra Leone. What more could a socially conscious British citizen want from us, in terms of public policy?
“Oh and there were a few little things like the minimum wage and social housing too; they may not be of such crucial importance, but they have their place.

“There is simply no accounting for it at all. Nothing could be more unexpected and shocking that I could instruct the British people on where they were going wrong, and they should just plough on ahead and defy my will! I mean, such unprecedented and inexplicable arrogance, spite and hubris is just beyond all comprehension!

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